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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


So, here's the deal, I am currently undertaking what is euphemistically characterized by all but the Donald as a "career transition". I just left my job at a thoroughly reputable law firm which was, itself, undergoing transitions of sorts. I have been weighing my options as well as all those other intangible things that one tries to put on a scale, but, naturally, fails to ever really quantify in terms of value.

Luckily, our society has this thing called money, which conveniently forces perspective upon an individual. The Rock gives decent advice (yes, I grew up watching pro wrestling, but you'll have to forgive for geographic cultural disabilities or else you're destined to remain forever ignorant of the true zen of the Nature Boy Rick Flair), though I generally avoid hewing too closely to any espoused philosophy, even if it is accompanied by flexing.

Knowing one's role. That's a concept. Our American culture is based upon the writings of men and the actions of men and women who were inspired by such to strive towards a goal of self-sufficiency and empowerment of individuals. Concepts like equality and systemized antagonism, seeming incompatible components to an experiment designed to instill the virtues of logical, reasoned and enlightened civil society in posterity; yet, it would seem, the only way we're all going to be able to keep going is to stick together without losing our individuality. So, that's the secret, I guess. The frission of all those vectors rubbing together leads to amazing, unexpected things. In fact, I coin a new word as a result: UNEXPECTABLE.


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